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The Premier Process

Premier is a professional company. We only use top quality materials and the latest industry tooling - giving you a top quality finish every time.

Refurbished Alloy WheelsStripping

Unlike some repairers, we don't just mask off the tyre while its on the car. The wheel is removed from the car and the tyre deflated, moving it away from the alloy wheel rim.

Then the old paint and lacquer is stripped away. We also clean the parts of the wheel normally hidden by the tyre if necessary.


The wheel is now ready for repairing any scuffs, scrapes, kerbing or any dents. This is done using a combination of techniques and processes.

Primer and base coats

Primer is now applied over the whole face of the wheel. This is done using the latest gun technology, leaving a super smooth primer coat.

The wheel is then left to cure to form a strong resilient primer coat. Two coats of base coat are then applied.


A final coat of lacquer is applied. This fully protects the wheel from the elements, leaving your wheels with a great finish. The wheel is then baked until fully cured.

The tyre is then inflated to the correct pressure and fitted back onto your car. 

Premier Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, Oak Tree Cottage, Low Pasture Lane, North Wheatley, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 9DQ.